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Since June 12, 2009

January 29, 2009, 3:55 PM

aish. i didn't go to school today, cause i'm malaise. pretty malaise. TT_TT so~ i entrusted my group paper to my driver. yes, he was bring that paper to my school xD

why do i always bored lalety? okay, my class-life is better now. way better i think. but i'm still feeling this. i know. it's cause kinda there's no shinee lalety. hahaha like i said before, shinee was stopping their 1st album activity. and my life is like going zzZZzzZZzzZZzz. actually there's still big bang. but not the whole of them. cause only seungri has solo activity now.

anyways. my budies kinda gone nowhere, may be they're busy with their own business. they are not online to this time. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my life's B O R I N G TT_TT. my boredache is acting up on me so bad. whereas i should study for that scholarship test. and imaginer has came~ rofl
angel: today is thursday and only 2 days left!
devil: and wth with u're doing now?
angel: u're blogging! u should take ur binder and go study mathematics very hard!
devil: hey, u're still malaise right? don't do that! ur head will hurt then :O
angel: don't listen to her!


good news =]
January 28, 2009, 1:13 PM

huh, indonesian literature lesson was too boring! 2 hours felt like 2 century for me. aish, the teacher trully asdfghjkl. his voice is slow and he just like was talking to the students who sat on the front. and didn't like the whole students in the classroom. and i'm not the one of that students who sat on the front. the fact is, i sat on the back. yeah, pretty back. and my feeling was like kinda~ u know.
when u can't take a nap in the afternoon and u have doing a buch of homeworks in the night. so u will staying up very late. and that's means u will having a slanting eyes in the morning then xD
yeah, that was my feeling. besides i'm not! kakaka~ even, i didn't working on a homework yesterday. moreover i was practicing my english rather than care of the indonesian literature teacher. he's not good looking. and yes, he's and old xDDDDD and when the indonesian literature lesson was up. i felt like heaven!

and the good news is i haven't a extra-school-lesson today! yeay!!! but that's means i don't have a mathematics lesson xC ugh. i want a mathematics lesson badly. cause i know i rly slow on it. aish, and i must go to my classmate this afternoon. my group must make an erudition paper for indonesian literature duty. it is tiring, isn't it? v_v


January 25, 2009, 8:44 PM

last saturday was a great day for me!
yup. the best i ever had
in the morning. i was planing to go to stephanie's house with mia. but mia has to accompany with her sister went to dentist and i must wait her for about a quarter minutes. then, she arrived to my house. and she was riding my motor cycle.
in stephanie's house we were learning mathematics and it was kinda tiring! we didn't have any teacher. and i got so dump on it. gradient. algebra. triangle. blahblahblah. then we went to a restaurant for lunch. when we were ending ate. we have a awesome idea! we mixed all the foods + drinks + tissues in a bowl! kinda disgusting. in the beginning i was trully frighting of it, cause u know.
gravy + sauce + tissues + ice + tomato + othersblablahthings was too yaks~ we got home, and continued our job :) but we were too boring with mathematics so we just changed it with english lesson. we learned grammar things, and asdfghjkl too puzzled. the books were from acs school book which is school that we want to =] but acs (anglo chinese school) is for boys and we, as the girls want to the girls school, scgs (singapore chinese girls school). huh~and mia was reading a comic instead of learning with us. kakaka~ so. i just sprays her with a stephanie's-very-good-smell-perfume for 54579655 times 'till she has dizzy and wants to picked up with her sister on the her cellphone. but she was still in the terror, cause steph and i didn't stop sprays her. ugh. the smell was kinda ~!@#$%^&* steph gave me a grammar question and i answered it, but mia was still on her own business! what the. and we were too tired with books thing and we just played around with stephanies's stuff instead of learning. i was sprays mia's hair with stephanie's temporary hairpolish, with randomly. and she was taking revenge on me with sprays my hair too. kekeke~ at least we already learning some mathematics and english huh?

omgee, yesterday. shinee stop their first album activity too. the good bye stage was amazing. minho smiles alot there, and taemin did too! yeah, the boys should need take a rest. i must be missing the days when i having headache cause yet download their newest videos. the days when i got mad cause the connection being gay and i couldn't know newest thing of they are. the days when i broke cause buy their albums. the days when i patiently waiting their songs and mv out. lolz. i'll be more proud of shinee if they are comeback with another great image & songs.
good bye boys~
take a good rest there! i'll be missing u guys~


wish me luck :)
January 23, 2009, 4:42 PM

yeah, wish me luck for a spore scholarship test next week. but this test is still a school level test. i'm not genius but at least i have to try eh? oh my. the teacher told me that the test is mathematics and english. the mathematics is about essay things and blahblahblah and all in english. and the english is about writing something. i have alot of doubtful! cause i'm not very good at mathematics and my grammar(?) goodness~ i'm not expecting much this scholarship. but i'll try my best!
i have one week to be better in mathematics and english. then, me, wulan, stephanie, and mia decided to have an extra lesson starting today. and that's mean i'll on semi hiatus mode 'till next week. see ya~!


January 20, 2009, 11:10 PM

omgee. i really want to fluent in english! and verifying to they are that i can. such a big dreamer huh? but i want i want i want i want. and i decided to make this entire post in english :) so i can sharpen my english.

the guys in 'a' class can join that seminar. and the 'b' class can't. completely an unfair rules, isn't it? okay, i just suggest my opinion. don't blame on me xD then. they thought we as the 'b' class can't do it too? hell-o~ it's discrimination. i gotta admit the 'b' class is equal with 'a' class. hey. i say this isn't cause now i'm in 'b' class, i experienced 'a' class for 2 years. and b o r i n g. and cause i know the 'b' class lose on the final test. but fyi they are really active in class. i know there is same aim. so why not to give we same chance too?

anyways i have a lame story :) when i have school break time, as usual i met my buddies. and we decided to talk in english. what a shame, cause we only talk easy sentences xDDDD like.
me: hey, she is like a pig *pointing wulan while truly lol*
mia: you're right! *smirking*
wulan: what the heck! asdfghj *hit me and mia*
and when the end time of school.
wulan: where is my sister! *spontaneously *
me: huh? gaya lu *truly lol*
me: where is my driver! *following her*
wulan: follower :P
aish. i got difficult class for today. civics, biology, and social TT_TT freakin tiring, i must stand about 15 minutes on civics class. and about 10 minutes on biology class. for a presentation each. and then in the afternoon. i got mathematics and biology class again v_v and as usual, we must solve a test for the billionth time. kakakaka~ somehow my brain is fast enough for the mathematics class. and it's caused the lesson was about money xDD yeah, talk about money and my brain will gained it so fast. rofl


January 19, 2009, 6:27 PM

sambil nungguin software update, update blog juga deh.

how was my day?
tadi di sekolah kan ada pelajaran matik. dan jawaban gue 3 hari yang lalu itu, tadi diitung lagi ama si pak guru. ahahaha~ caranya ribet sangat teramat @_@ tapi at last jawaban gue emang bener. walaupun u1 ama u3 bisa dibolak-balik nilainya.

tumbenan gue dateng pengayaan hari senin. bhsa indo emang ngebosenin TT_TT trus fisika. dan lagi-lagi dikasi tes taun lalu. dan~ entah setan apa yang merasuki gue. temen gue ravi kan bawa brownies. pas bu gurunya lagi baca buku, gue balik kebelakang buat makan brownies-nya. trus gue kerjain deh tes-nya. ya allah~ 50 soal. f i s i k a---t e w a s. ga deng. gue jabanin semua soal. hebat kan~~ :) padahal gue paling alergi ama yang namanya fisika.

hei, gue lagi demen. jreng jeng~!
nuansa bening-nya vidi aldiano.
pertama kali denger pasan lagi kaga ada kerjaan nonton mtv suka-suka gue. trus gue kira dia joshua. secara mukanya mirip di mv-nya. aih~ bagus mv-nya. ada rap-nya lagi. tau aja gue demen rap cinta-cintaan. kakakaka~ kan biasanya rapper indo ngerapnya pasti hal-hal yang lucu. kalo cinta gitu kan keren juga. romantis ga selalu ballad kan. hahaha. teori apaan ya(?)


January 16, 2009, 9:27 PM

hari yang menyenangkan!
pas pelajaran ips kelompok gue kan presentasi kedepan. trus seperti biasa temen-temen yang laen kasi pertanyaan, dan gue bisa jawap. asiik~ dapet nilai $_$

pas pelajaran matematika seperti biasa juga disuru ngerjain soal-soal. dan ada satu soal yang si bapak bilang kalo ada yang bisa ngerjain boleh pada istirahat.
Jumlah suku pertama dan suku ketiga dari suatu barisan geometri sama dengan 20. Suku kedua sama dengan 6.
a. Carilah rasio dan suku pertama
b. Suku ke-5
dengan mengeluarkan seluruh kekuatan otak. gue jawap pertanyaannya.
kan kalo u2= 6 | u1 + u3= 20 |
gue pake cara try and error nih ceritanya. dan dapet u1 itu 2 dan u3 itu 18
coba deh. 6/3= 2 | 6x3=18 dan itu pas kalo
2 + 18 = 20
jadi r = u2/u1= 6/2= 3
suku ke lima, u5= 2 x 35-1
= 2 x 81
= 162
dan si bapak dengan segala ketidakpercayaannya ga mau ngakuin jawapan gue gara-gara gue ga ada cara yang bener-bener nyata. hell-o~ dan si bapak nulis rumus petunjuk gitu.
a + ar2= 20
ar= 6
nah, coba karang masukin jawapangue ke rumusnya.
a= 2 | r= 3

a + ar2= 20
2 + 2.3
2 + 2.9
2 +18 = 20

a.r= 6
2.3= 6

pas pelajaran seni rupa. si bapak bilang kalo karang kita bebas ngambar apa yang kita suka. trus si bapak kebangku gue.
guru: kamu ini belum gambar apa-apa
gue: pak~ saya tu suka yang bersih ^-^
guru: ck. kamu. *ngacir*
oh iya. besok di sekolague ada debat calon ketua osis. cieleh, sekolah gue udah mau kea amrik aja pake debat segala. kalau mau gue pilih janji-janjinya harus yang bagus.CHANGES I NEED! (aspalan obama)
change seragam
change peraturan rambut
change peraturan sepatu
change jam masuk
change jam pulang sekola
change ruang kelas
change standar nilai ulangan


January 13, 2009, 5:17 PM

lalala~ bolos pengayaan untuk yang ke 123456789. ujan gini siapa juga yang bakal ada semangat buat ke sekolah lagi jam 3 kurang, setelah baru aja pulang sekolah jam 1. dan belum lagi mereka yang rumahnya jauh disana *bahasa: eyd*

gila. mediafire maintance-nya ga kira". gue kan mau downloads. maintace progress-ny si katanya uda 100% tapi tetep aja tu belum kelar namanya.


January 8, 2009, 2:03 PM


aaaaaa~ ni lagu sedaaap.
kekekeke~ itu lagu terbarunya snsd aka girl's generation di 1st mini album mereka. omo~ jessica's new hair cut is just love. i was make some caps for their mv too (:

note: click for bigger resolution
to be honest, initially i really interested for the girls comeback just cause there's romour that minho will be on their mv. and yes, there is SHINee's minho! and now i have 2 reasons.
1. there's minho
2. the song really catchy!
gee gee gee gee~

minho is gorgeous!
gray fedora + plaid shirt + black vest = flawless

anyways, hari ini ujan. yang dateng pengayaan dikit. dan sialnya lagi gue dapet kelas sejarah. aish. homo sapiens, homo soloensis, homo wajakensis, homo homo homogen (apaan coba.) tapi setidaknya, tinggal besok perjuangan gue untuk sampe ke hari sabtu dan minggu tanpa pelajaran. yeay!


January 5, 2009, 4:02 PM

OOT dulu. kemaren malemkan gue nonton SBS Inkigayo--acara musik & seperti biasa SHINee perform disana. pas mereka nyanyi romantic, ntah kenapa gue melting mampus ama jonghyun. dan gue sekarang tau gara" apa. u know what? SHINee jonghyun pake diamond studs yang shinee forums int'l kasi, dan masi dalam project yang sama ama taemin kemaren (: dan gue langsung speechless (again) nutup mulut--treak--gigitin selimut + tangan. lebay mode: ON. ini lebih karena gue ga liat dari forum, soalnya di forum belum ada topicnya.

sial. upacara lamaaaaaaaaaaaa amet
mana ada pengumuman kalo mulai sore ini bakal ada pengayaan lagi! tapi~ gue ga dateng, males. *don't try at home*
hari ini cuman 2 jam pelajaran yang efektif! yang lain? nihil.
jadi kan hari ini gue ada pelajaran mat, agama, ama inggris. 3 jam pelajaran matik cuman kepake 2 jam, kalo agama. karena agama islam emang dikit ditiap kelasnya jadi yang agama islam pada jam bebas, tapiiiii jam pelajaran ini bakal diganti tiap jumat sore ama si gurunya. dan pelajaran inggrisnya 3 jam pelajaran sama sekali ga ada jam efektif, sebenernya kalo ada pelajaran juga gue oke aja si. tapi lebih oke lagi kalo ga ada! kakakaka~ jadi deh gue ngobrol ama anak-anak sekelas dibelakang ruang osis
eh, gue ada pesen ni.
to my dearest enemy.
emang masalah ya buat lu kalo gue suka korea?!
gue ga pernah tuh spazzed didepan lu.
gue ga pake duit lu buat beli barang-barang mereka.
gue ga pake laptop lu buat browsing tentang mereka. lolz keany laptop aja lu ga ada
iri? hidup hidup gue juga!
i bet that u're even don't know bout fob!
cih~ asli kampung emang
apa maksud lu tiba-tiba ngemeng 'muka korea'?
dari pada lu, muka kampung!
mau nyindir gue? ngemengin gue dari belakang?
susah de sekelas ama murid otak dangkal kea lu. ato lu emang ga punya otak?
selera orang tuh beda-beda!
temen kelas gue yang dulu ga ada masalah tuh kalo gue suka korea. mereka bercanda sih bercanda, tapi yang ini gue tau kalo lu ga bercanda! apaan tuh gue diem-diem lu langsung ngomong gitu. ga capek lu ngomong aja? urusin diri sendiri aja ga becus, mau urusin hidup orang lain lagi. take care aja deh~
with hatred rina xD


January 4, 2009, 12:05 PM

hari ini, hari terakhir gue buat bangun lebih dari jam 7 dan ga pake buru-buru buat ke sekolah. senen besok, tanggal 5 masuk lagi, masuk lagi ke kelas tempat dimana ada temen + musuh gue. hahaha. gue masi belum bisa terima kenyataan kalo liburan yang cuman 11 hari ini selesai (yaiyalah) TT_TT

eh, yang punya facebook add gue ya, badge nya di navigasi paling bawah. mau nambah temen supaya bisa visits pet orang. hehehe. lagi suka-sukanya pet society akhir-akhir ini. tapi masih level 10 v_v

hari ini worse, lebih dari yang kemarin. dan gue masi aja diem di rumah, keluarpun cuman ke minimarket. eh, tangan gue pengen photoshop-an. dengan bahan-bahan yang dikit. cuman crop ama coloring. (: foto-fotonya gue caps dari mv-nya seungri yang strong baby. lucu amet liat ni anak sok manly. tapi tetep aja bagus buat gue~^^


January 2, 2009, 7:06 PM

omgee!! taemin~
make jaket dari project shinee forums int'l!! liat deh, yang dipake dibawah syal-nya itu. sama kan? ya kan? xD gue yang lagi convo ama anak", langsung treak" sendiri di dalem kamar. taemin!! walopun lu bukan fav gue, gue bakalan lebih cinta lu karena ini! god~ i'm freaking speechless! since i was participate that project. ga sia-sia gue pake duit dapet lebaran, buat donate ke ini project. ya, walaupun cuman 15 dollar xD eh~ anak shinee yang laen pake juga dong! kalo ga, gue bisa pindah fandom ke 2pm ni. peace! shinee ga bakal tergantikan kok =)

hari ini invasi pekopon download masi berjalan. tapi cuman ampe tadi siang aja si, soalnya emang uda selesai! kuota gue uda abis berapa de tu. sekitar 16 jam. dan itu gue habisin hanya dalam 2 hari. gimana mau bertahan ampe akhir bulan tu kuota? tenang ding~ lagian masi ada inet lelet unlimited ini.abis tanggal 5 ini kan gue uda mulai sibuk ama sekolahan. mana kata temen gue ratna which is seorang osis denger" bakal ada sekolah sore lagi buat pengayaan. dan itu juga berarti jam maen gue bakal bekurang dan jam maen = online TT_TT tuhan~ sekolah gue emang kebangetan. ya ga? tadi rencananya mau pergi jam 4 ama anak". tapi karena sesuatu dan lain hal ga jadi '_'*


January 1, 2009, 6:25 PM

lama nggak posting yang panjang~
karang aja ya.

hari ini?
knp? ini dikarenkan music shows besar di korea yang berurutan dari hari ke hari pada akhir bulan lalu atau desember tepatnya. dan akhir bulan kemaren ato bisa dibilang kemaren, kuota speedy. tapi setidaknya, tinggal besok perjuangan gue untuk nyampe ke hari sabtu dan minggu tanpa pelajaran. yeay! uda overlimit ampe 6 jam lebih karena nekadnya, tapi setidaknya, tinggal besok perjuangan gue untuk nyampe ke hari sabtu dan minggu tanpa pelajaran. yeay! melakukan invasi besar-besaraan pada awal bulan, dari tadi pagi ampe sore. sialnya 3 download-an gagal. padahal uda di detik-detik terakhir TT_TT ya sudahlah, marah juga ga berubah keadaan.

bad habit dasar bad habit. kenapa si gue demen download videos hq. yang susah juga diri gue. ga puas kalo cuman di youtube. mana gue punya 2 fandom lagi~ naseep~ SHINee / Big Bang? keanya yang buat gue carat curut si Big Bang *dikroyok VIP* gimana ga. satu acara dapet jatah perf. ga pernah cuman satu, lebih. lebih dari 2 kadang sering! uda 2 hardisk ga cukup. burn ke dvd ribet mau nontonnya lagi. tapi perf. BigBang ga pernah mengecewakan buat gue. xDDD

eh, belum cerita. guevama temen-temen ke waterbom beberapa hari yang lalu. niatnya mau maen boomerang~ tapi apadaya, keberanian belum cukup terkumpul. jam 10 pagi gue uda dijemput ama wulan + mia + chandra + sopir nya si wulan. sampe disana ngantrenya lamaaaaaaa + panjaaaang + penuuh. tapi yang ngantre sih cuman wulan + chandra. gue ama mia ngacir ke atm. gue cuman bawa duit 50rebu + 1000an beberapa xD edodoe~ ternyata harga tiketnya yang harga liburan. dan kartu pelajar tak berlaku! -_-" dan pas di loketnya kan wulan yang bayarin, abis beli dia uda kea rentenir bangkrut aja nagihin yang laen :))

abis main di waterbom kita nyeberang ke dsp aka kartika plaza. disana mau makan. ke pizza hut pake waitlist segala. nunggu 25 menit kata si mbaknya. jadi kita muter-muter aja deh. singkat cerita, abis kenyang makan disana, kita cuci mata lagi. dan mata gue melayang ke lantai paling atas yaitu tempat karaokean xD yup, temen gue mia yang sebelumnya ngerengek rengek minta ke Joger akhirnya luluh juga diajak karaokean. boo~ lagu korea-nya dikit xC ga terkenal lagi. yang gue kenal cuman ft. island, jewelry, dinamic duo. bagaimana bisa dbsk aja ga ada? akhirnya gue pilih one more time nya jewelry. gile ternyata liriknya hangul. kirain bakal romanji, dengan ilmu bahasa korea yang limited edition ancur tu lagu xDDDDD pulangnya, tak lupalah kami untuk foto.

OOT dikit
gue SUKA ALBUMNYA 2PM. APALAGI YANG 10 POINTS OUT OF 10 POINTS & ONLY U & ANGEL! jah, sama aja gue demen smua lagunya. xDDDDD KETINGGALAN JAMAN SEKALI! sebenernya album 2pm dan 2am uda nganggur di laptop + itouch dari 2 bulan yang lalu! tapi entah kenapa ga ada mood buat mau dengerin. secara cover albumnya ga banget buat gue xDDDD dan hari ini dapet ilham entah dari mana, gue dengerin their whole songs. ternyata asik juga lagu-lagunya. tapi, tapi, jadi apa gue kalo punya 3 fandom? mati bediri kali ya. aaaaaaa~ lagu-lagunya bagus! suaranya keren!
*uda bosen ama suara anak" shinee*
*dipelototin anak" shinee*
*i still love u guys!*
=dina is currently in love with nichkhun=
10jeom manjeome 10jeom~~
10jeom manjeome 10jeom~~
10jeom manjeome 10jeom~~
kemaren malem gue sama sekali ga ada perayaan tahun baru. menyedihkan bukan? yang ada gue tetep aja nempel ama laptop. buat siggy baru ding! pake di shinee forums. bosen gitu-gitu aja. tapi gue ga pro amet >,<

ngaku deh gue, kalo gue emang ga bakat bikin siggy. apalagi yang seni(?) yang ada siggy-nya mau seni jadi agak aneh ya? selain emang ga bakat. gue juga ga banyak punya textures buat yang seni. kalo ada yang tau link-nya buat dl textures yang seni kasi tau ya! gue demen smirk-nya key disana. sexaay~ xDDDD

sore tadi gue ke rumah sepupu yang bernama sheila buat main. mainan air tepatnya. kan berenang, yang ada perang-perangan air, padahal lagi ga enak badan gini. pilek + batuk = TT_TT